Winter parking on France Street and Bedford Street: Don’t let the snow lead to a ticket or a tow.

Winter parking on France Street and Bedford Street

Don’t let the snow lead to a ticket or a tow.

Here are a few things you need to know to avoid a ticket or a tow:


Special parking restrictions are in effect from November 1st through April 1st on France Street in Sproul.  France Street, Greenfield Township’s narrowest street, doesn’t allow any street parking to enable Township equipment and snowplows easier access to neighborhood streets.  They also help keep one lane of traffic open and available for emergency and public service vehicles.

Even if there is no snow, parking is prohibited.  No parking from November 1st through April 1st allows the residents, and visitors, time to get into a no-parking routine before the snow flies.

Parking violations of the Traffic Ordinance 2011-01 can result in a $10 ticket. If the ticket is not paid with 48 hours, additional fines will occur.


The County of Blair uses an as-needed, or more commonly referred to as “storm-based,” winter parking ban.  Blair County Commissions will declare the Winter Weather Parking Restrictions when plowing or salting on Bedford Street is needed.  Unless the Winter Weather Parking Restriction is announced, there is no need to keep your vehicle off the streets as required by the old calendar-based restriction.

After a Winter Weather Parking Restriction is declared, all vehicles will need to park on the street’s EAST SIDE beginning at 8 pm, and the WEST SIDE of the street begins at 8 am.  The parking restrictions will be in effect until the Blair County Commissioners cancel the Winter Weather Parking Restriction.

Any violation of County of Blair Ordinance 01-2019 may be ticketed, up to a $300 fine, and/or towed at the vehicle’s owner’s expense.

Township Administrative Office OPENED TO THE PUBLIC

With Blair County moving to the Green Phase, the Township Administrative office will open to visitors.  Township employees will be practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  When you are visiting, we ask that you:

  • Please wear a face covering.
  • Please observe safe distancing.
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering.

Thank you so much!

Burn Ban Lifted

Burn Ban Lifted

The Board of Supervisors lifted the Burn Ban at the April 7th meeting.  The Supervisors urge residents to take extra precautions when burning.  Please follow these precautions:

  • Only burn on non-windy days and when ground cover is not dry.
  • Have a water source available.
  • Call 911’s Controlled Burn number (814/940-5950) before you burn brush and when done burning.  This is important if someone calls in a possible fire that is someone burning brush.
  • Burn in a contained area that must be to DEP’s standards, such as a metal barrel or cement ring with a screen on top to keep burning embers from flying out.
  • Do not leave the fire unattended.  Have a source of water and a rake available in case the fire spreads.
  • If the fire does spread, immediately call 911.  The sooner the fire department is notified, the faster the fire will be appropriately extinguished and damaged kept to a minimum.
  • Burn only permitted materials.  You cannot burn structures; they must be removed and hauled away.

Township Administrative Office CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC


Per Governor Wolf’s 3/19/20 Emergency Disaster Proclamation due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

March 19, 2020, Governor Wolf ordered for all non-life sustaining businesses to close effective immediately.   To help our community be safe and slow the spread of the Coronavirus, the Board of Supervisors have closed the township administrative office to the public.  Township administrative staff is available by phone, fax, and email.

The Greenfield Township Police Department can be reached by several methods.

  • Emergency calls – Call 911
  • Non-emergency calls – Call 814/940-5910 request for an Officer to call you.
  • Voicemail message – Call 814/239-5313 Option 1 leave a message for an Officer.  Since Officers are not always in the department office, please only leave a message for a call that does not need to be returned right away.
  • Email Chief Ron Sharkey at
  • Email Officer Dan Eastep at

We all have received emails from multiple companies about COVID-19.  One I received, I thought the statement was excellent to use as the closing to this notice.

Please take good care of yourself and your loved ones.  Stay safe. Stay healthy.  Be patient and kind.  There is no better time to strengthen our bonds, to stand together (digitally), to help each other through this storm, and come out the other side stronger.

Burn Ban until at least April 7, 2020

Brush fireBurn Ban

Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors has issued an immediate burn ban until April 7, 2020.  At the April 7th meeting, the Supervisors will reevaluate the situation to maintain or remove the ban.  The Fire Chief of the Claysburg Volunteer Fire Company requested the burn ban due to the recent structure and brush fires in Blair County.  Due to the overall dry weather and windy conditions and lack of foliage, make ideal conditions for brush fires. Chief Eicher stated, “… until we get some growth and ground cover in the woods, we need to eliminate any issues.”