Buckle Up Seat Belts Save Lives

The 2020 “Click It or Ticket” (CIOT) Municipal Enforcement Mobilization will include a combination of Enforcement and Public Awareness.

The data does not lie, seat belts save lives. Still, many drivers and passengers risk injury and death every day by not buckling up. Proper use of a seat belt can reduce the risk of a fatal injury by 45 percent. This is why Buckle Up PA wants you to know that wearing a seat belt can make the difference. We are coordinating with Law Enforcement Agencies and Highway Safety Partners across Pennsylvania to increase Seat Belt use. Our goal is to save lives and reduce injuries by combining public awareness activities with targeted seat belt enforcement.

Buckle Up PA (BUPA) will continue our commitment during the 2020 “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization. The goal is to reduce the number of unbuckled deaths by taking Three Simple Steps.

            1. Enforce Occupant Protection Laws
           2. Educate Occupants
           3. Increase Seat Belt and Child Safety Seat Use

The 2020 “Click It or Ticket” Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization will take place from May 18 – June 7, 2020. Over 350 Pennsylvania Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies will be taking part in the mobilization. BUPA is asking all law enforcement agencies to focus their time and resources in the areas where we have the best chance to increase seat belt use:

           • Nighttime Occupants
          • Occupants and Drivers between the age of 18-35
          • Pick-up Truck Drivers
          • Roadways experiencing the highest numbers of unbelted crashes/fatalities

BUPA will again partner with PA’s Impaired Driving Projects to plan and coordinate Seat Belt and Impaired Driving enforcement details during the 2020 May/June CIOT Mobilization. The goal of this initiative is to reduce the number of nighttime unbelted and impaired driving crashes and fatalities.

BUPA believes that strong enforcement is the key to success in this “Click It or Ticket” Mobilization and that is why participating departments are being asked to enforce the Pennsylvania Traffic Laws. Traffic Enforcement Zone (TEZ) Details and Roving Patrols will be used to conduct seat belt enforcement. Law Enforcement Agencies will take a “Zero Tolerance” on all safety belt violations and conduct 50% of enforcement at night to persuade the remaining 12% of non-users to buckle up and increase seat belt use.

BUPA will be promoting high-visibility seat belt enforcement efforts around the clock to save more lives on our roadways. Motorists will be urged to fasten their seat belts, day and night … “Click It or Ticket”.

March 25, 2020/in Buckle Up PA News