Township Board of Supervisors

Greenfield Township is a Second Class Township with a population of 4,173. The Township maintains approximately 23 miles of roadways while the state maintains about 40 miles. Bedford Street and Everett Road belong to Blair County. Greenfield Township manages the Claysburg Area Community Park and Claysburg Community Center.

The Township Board of Supervisors plays the central role in the township government. 3 Township Supervisors govern the board. Board members are elected for a 6-year term with at least one position on the ballot at each election (every two years). To serve as a Township Supervisor, an individual must be a registered voter and a resident of the township for at least one year before the election.  The powers given to a Township Supervisor (and other elected officials) are per the Pennsylvania Commonwealth’s Second Class Township Code law.

What do Township Supervisors do?

“An elected Township Supervisor is responsible for deciding issues of public safety, spending, growth management, zoning, roads and streets, code enforcement, environment and how to pay for it all.” (Source: the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors) They are the legislative body for the Township that sets policy, enacts and enforces ordinances and resolutions, adopt budgets and levies taxes, approve expenditures, and hire employees.

Township Supervisors are often looked to as a community leader. In many cases, the Supervisors are asked by township residents to help them with their complaints, ideas, suggestions, and problems. Greenfield Township Supervisors are not employees. They do not clock in at 8 a.m. and clock out at 4 p.m. A Supervisor is always available to residents through email, phone, and at public meetings.

Supervisors’ salaries for serving their community are set by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth’s Township Code. With our township population, a Supervisor cannot exceed $1,875 per year. However, they do not earn more than $1,800 per year in our township. When Supervisors work for the Township as a Roadmaster, they earn wages set by the elected Auditors. The wages are set based on similar jobs in the area.

Our current Board of Township Supervisors are:

Jordan C. Oldham, Chairman (term expires, Jan 5, 2026)

Alex W. Musselman, Vice-Chairman (term expires, Jan 3, 2028)

Michael A. Childers, Supervisor (term expires, Jan 2, 2030)

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