An ordinance is a local law of general or permanent nature.  An Ordinance is created to protect the rights, safety, and comfort of the residents.   Usually, an ordinance is enacted in response to problems and complaints, as well as state law requirements.  An ordinance stays on the books until it is amended or repealed by another ordinance enacted by a later board or council.  Here are several of Greenfield Township’s ordinances:

Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) 2002-03
Floodplain Ordinance (updated) 2018-03
Floodplain Ordinance 2012-01
Driveway Permit Ordinance 2007-03
Building Permit in Flood Zone Areas Ordinance 1982-01
Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Ordinance 2004-05
Nuisance Ordinance 1990-05
Nuisance Ordinance 2014-01 (amends 1990-05 ordinance)
Opening Buring Ordinance (updated) 2018-04
Opening Burning Ordinance 2004-04
Peddlers’ Permit Ordinance 2010-13
Peddler’s Permit Amendment Ordinance 2016-01
Weight Limit Ordinance 1972-01
Board of Supervisors’ Compensation Ordinance 2017-01
Parking, Traffic & Snow Removal Ordinance 2011-01