What is a Setback Line for Property?

The term “setback” refers to the distance (measured in feet) a house or structure must be from the front, side and rear property lines.   Setbacks allow for access to underground utilities and distance between properties.  Setbacks apply to new buildings, as well as additions or remodels that change the footprint of the building.  Setback requirements with public sewer and water are:

  • 35 feet from the FRONT property line
  • 15 feet from the SIDE property lines
  • 25 feet from the REAR property lines

Properties that do not have public sewer or water, setbacks need to be adequate for the proper installation and function of the systems and be at least the depth of the setbacks mentioned above.

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Properties in the floodplain areas need to be 50 feet from the top-of-bank of any watercourse unless a special permit is obtained from DEP.  All manufactured homes and any additions are required to be 50 feet from the top-of-bank of any watercourse.

Occasionally, a property owner may need to request the Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors to grant a “variance” from the setback requirements.  The Supervisors may grant the variance for properties not in the flood zone or floodplain.

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