How to create a Site Plan

Drawing your own site plan is easier than you might expect.  It does not need to be professionally prepared (for non-commercial projects) and can be hand drawn.  A site plan is a drawing of your property seen from a bird’s-eye view.  Follow these steps to create your site plan:

  • Draw property lines and setbacks labeled in feet.
  • Draw and label all buildings and structures on the plan.  Show existing buildings and structures as a solid line and all additions as a dashed line.  Include dimensions.
  • Show and label public and private roadways at the property.
  • Draw driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas.  Show existing driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas as a solid line and proposed areas as a dashed line.
  • Locate grand trees with a dot and label the diameter.
  • Locate on lot well and septic if private system.
  • Locate utility, drainage, and other easements.
  • Include a north arrow, property owner’s name, address, and tax map/parcel number.
  • Mark the scale of the plan  (1″ = 20′, 1″ = 40′, 1″ = 60′)

Select for Sample site plan and grids or can use a photocopy of a survey.

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