Have you noticed the construction at the park?  The Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors and staff are very excited about this project.  This project will improve several areas at the Claysburg Area Community Park.  If you have ever been to the park after it’s rain, you are aware of the drainage problem, especially at the playground and swing set areas.  The project includes a drainage system in the playground area and above the playground.  A pathway from the basketball court parking area to the restroom area will be created.  Paved accessible parking spaces will be installed at the parking areas by the restroom building, the basketball courts, and the softball field.  Plus, there will be a path from the handicapped spaces to the bleacher at the softball field.

The swing set and large play equipment areas are going to be leveled for easier access.  There is going to be a new swing set and a new 16′ play equipment. You will need to come to the park to see what it is!

The gazebo will have a new ramp.  The path around the gazebo, pavilions, and the restrooms will be paved to remove the lip.   The restroom facility will have a lot of improvements.  There will be automated doors and auto flushes.  Most of the interior fixtures will be lower or adjusted to meet ADA standards.  All the work will be done in time for the park’s opening, the end of May 2020.

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Greenfield Township is fortunate to have a Community Development Block Grant ($135,000), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Small Communities Grant ($50,000), Blair County Parks & Recreation Grant ($3,000), and township funds to make this project possible.  We are grateful for all of these funding sources.