The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) distributes the Unconventional Gas Well Funds to counties and municipalities on July 1st every year. Per Act 13 Reporting Requirements, municipalities are required by law to report the municipality approved budget by March 1st and unconventional gas well fund usage by April 15th at the PUC website.

The 2018 Unconventional Gas Well Funds received by Greenfield Township, Blair County in July 2019 were used for Emergency Preparedness/Public Safety purposes. Greenfield Township received $2,460 in the above-mentioned funds. Here are recent annual reports: 2018 2017

To see previous reports, please go to You do not need to login. On the heading line, select Reports (4th item over), scroll down and select Government Spending by County/Municipality. Fill in the required fields and click on View. Reports are 2 years behind, as required by law.