Stay At Home for all of Pennsylvania

This afternoon, Governor Wolf extended the Stay At Home order to all of Pennsylvania. This order is due to the increased number of coronavirus cases in the state. What does this mean for us? Residents are urged to only leave home for essential living items and refrain from non-essential travel. The State’s Department of Health suggests trying to get your groceries once a week instead of several stops. Essential travel would be going to work (essential employees), going to the grocery store and pharmacy, checking on family, and caring for animals. We are allowed to go outside to enjoy the weather or exercise while practicing social [physical] distancing. Travel to schools for meals and supplies is permitted. Avoid going to gatherings or having them. Remember the primary goal is to keep people safe and stop the spread of the disease. Also, remember to stay calm, stay home, and stay safe.

Here is a link to the PA Department of Health for more information:

Consumers Can Report Price Gouging Tips Online

Consumers Can Report Price Gouging Tips Online

Pennsylvania’s Price Gouging Act prohibits companies and vendors from charging a price for consumer goods greater than 20 percent higher than the price before an emergency declaration. Consumers can report violations of price gouging laws to the Attorney General by email at

Consumers can also submit a complaint by reporting the name and price of the product and the name and location of the store or vendor online here.

Claysburg Area Community Park Project

Have you noticed the construction at the park?  The Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors and staff are very excited about this project.  This project will improve several areas at the Claysburg Area Community Park.  If you have ever been to the park after it’s rain, you are aware of the drainage problem, especially at the playground and swing set areas.  The project includes a drainage system in the playground area and above the playground.  A pathway from the basketball court parking area to the restroom area will be created.  Paved accessible parking spaces will be installed at the parking areas by the restroom building, the basketball courts, and the softball field.  Plus, there will be a path from the handicapped spaces to the bleacher at the softball field.

The swing set and large play equipment areas are going to be leveled for easier access.  There is going to be a new swing set and a new 16′ play equipment. You will need to come to the park to see what it is!

The gazebo will have a new ramp.  The path around the gazebo, pavilions, and the restrooms will be paved to remove the lip.   The restroom facility will have a lot of improvements.  There will be automated doors and auto flushes.  Most of the interior fixtures will be lower or adjusted to meet ADA standards.  All the work will be done in time for the park’s opening, the end of May 2020.

Greenfield Township is fortunate to have a Community Development Block Grant ($135,000), Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Small Communities Grant ($50,000), Blair County Parks & Recreation Grant ($3,000), and township funds to make this project possible.  We are grateful for all of these funding sources.

A Note to our residents about COVID-19

COVID-19 Prevention Tips

On behalf of the Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors and staff, I want to assure you that the health and safety of you and your family is our priority. Our thoughts are with all who have been affected by the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). We feel it’s important to follow the proper steps to prevent the spread of germs to our community. We want you to know the township staff is taking the necessary steps by increasing our cleaning and disinfecting at the community center, township offices, and equipment. The CDC provides the following guidelines:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover a cough or sneeze – preferably with a disposable tissue.
  • Avoid touching your face – especially your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects.
  • Stay home if you have flu-like symptoms.

If you are experiencing a fever, a cough, or shortness of breath, please call your doctor. If you have been around someone who has been in an area with coronavirus cases, please contact your doctor’s office.

As always, thank you for being a Greenfield Township resident.

More information about the COVID-19 is available from the CDC’s website:

PA Public Utility Commission (PUC)

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) distributes the Unconventional Gas Well Funds to counties and municipalities on July 1st every year. Per Act 13 Reporting Requirements, municipalities are required by law to report the municipality approved budget by March 1st and unconventional gas well fund usage by April 15th at the PUC website.

The 2018 Unconventional Gas Well Funds received by Greenfield Township, Blair County in July 2019 were used for Emergency Preparedness/Public Safety purposes. Greenfield Township received $2,460 in the above-mentioned funds. Here are recent annual reports: 2018 2017

To see previous reports, please go to You do not need to login. On the heading line, select Reports (4th item over), scroll down and select Government Spending by County/Municipality. Fill in the required fields and click on View. Reports are 2 years behind, as required by law.

2020 Census

2020 Census logo

Every 10 years, the @uscensusbureau undertakes a mammoth task: counting all the people residing in the United States. This count affects the allocation of funding for our community’s public resources (e.g., roads, hospitals, schools), how we plan for the future, and our voice in government. Learn more about the importance of #2020Census and how to participate:

Census count students classroom

It is important for EVERY person in EVERY household to be counted to ensure Greenfield Township will receive the money we need to be able to serve you for the next 10 years. The amount of money Greenfield Township receives from PennDOT for road maintenance is based on the number of people who are counted in our municipality in the Census. Also, your census answers are protected by law and cannot be shared with anyone.

Bedford Street: Winter Weather Parking Restrictions

Blair County maintains Bedford Street and Everett Road (CR101).  The County’s has updated Ordinance 1-98 with County Ordinance 1-2019.  In summary, once the County declares winter weather parking restrictions, special parking is required on Bedford Street between Polecat Hollow Road and Oakdale RoadAll motor vehicles shall be parked on the east side (same side as the post office) of the street beginning at 8:00 p.m. in the evening, and the west side (same side as the library) of the street beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the morning.  When a vehicle is in violation of the County ordinance, the vehicle can be towed, as well as fined.  The County will announce and cancel the winter weather parking restriction by texting, radio, television, County website, or other available media.  Click here Blair County Ordinance 1-2019 Winter Weather Parking Restrictions – County Road 101 for more details.

Trick or Treat date change

The Greenfield Township Board of Supervisors heard the concerns from local parents about changing the Trick or Treat night due to the heavy rains anticipated for October 31st. Trick or Treat in Greenfield Township has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 2, 2019, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Police Chief Ron Sharkey is asking parents to use extra caution while trick or treating. Saturday evenings tend to be high traffic times. Make sure everyone has a flashlight or glow sticks to be clearly visible to drivers. If you will be trick or treating along Bedford Street, please find a good place to park your car and walk on the sidewalks instead of driving to each home and blocking the traffic.

No Change for Trick or Treat

You may have heard that Hollidaysburg, Duncansville, Antis, and Tyrone have changed Trick or Treat from October 31st to November 2nd due to the anticipated rains. Greenfield Township, as well as many other municipalities, is not changing the day. We feel it is not safe for kids to be out on a Saturday evening when there are more cars traveling on the roadways.